Coverage of Quiz 4

National Building Code

Sanitation Code

Philippine Clean Air Act

Philippine Clean Water Act

Ecological Solid Waste Management Act

Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Waste Control Act

Climate Change Act

Biofuels Act


Revised Procedural Manual for EIS

Occupational Saftety and Health Standards 2017

The questions in the quiz will be general and/or practical. Don’t worry about the coverage.

Guidelines for Organizing the Seminars

  1. The invited speaker must NOT be from the DLSU GCOE.
  2. The group should submit a list that details the role(s)/contribution(s) of each member. The document should be signed by all the members.
  3. Due to the availability of the invited speaker, the seminar is usually held outside regular class hours. Inform the course instructor in advance of the date and time, so a venue can be reserved on time.
  4. The attendance of the non-organizing students (those belonging to the other groups) WILL AFFECT the grade of the organizing group.
  5. Students who are absent during the seminars with inexcusable alibis will be penalized in their grades.
  6. The student organizers will be in-charge of accompanying the invited speaker to the venue (if needed), preparing the certificate and token for the speaker, and providing refreshment (food, beverage, etc) to the speaker.